Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane(RMG)

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Weight overload protection
  • Lifting limit switch
  • travelling limit switch.
  • Voltage lower protection
  • Wind speed indicator

Product Details

Rail mounted container gantry cranes (RMG) is a specialized container handling machine that is applicable in container yard, railway container terminal, to handle international standard containers.

Rail mounted container gantry cranes (RMG) can travel on rail by means of the yard power, usually powered by cable and cable drum, to lift and stack containers in the yard area with the equipment of the 20' or 40' or 45’ telescopic spreader (or twin-lift spreader if needed).

The RMG consists of steel gantry frame, lifting mechanism, trolley traversing mechanism, crane traveling mechanism,container spreader (for 20’ / 40’ and 45’ container) and anti-sway mechanism, electrical control mechanism. The control mode usually is cabin control.

Trolley can be rotating type or spreader to be rotating type, whole trolley can pass through the legs,make bigger working range,working method is more flexible.

Rail mounted container gantry cranes (RMG) has perfect safe device and overload protective device, i.e, anemograph, lighting rod, anchor,rail clamp and wind cable, maximum to guarantee the operator and equipment safe, electrical system adopts PLC to easy control all mechanisms,famous brand parts are choosen to make sure whole crane quality.

Rail mounted container gantry cranes (RMG) design manufacture inspection adopts DIN FEM IEC international standards.

The RMG has the advantage of being driven by electrical power, clean and no pollution, bigger lifting capacity, stable performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance.

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